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Rohit, Rohit

schrieb am 07.10.14
The lines I was remembering are these, at page 46, seoncd paragraph.e2809cConcerning Gode28099s presence in a planet, system, constellation, or a universe, the degree of such presence in any creational unit is a measure of the degree of the evolving presence of the Supreme Being. It is determined by the en masse recognition of God and loyalty to him on the part of the vast universe organization, running down to the systems and planets themselves. Therefore it is sometimes with the hope of conserving and safeguarding these phases of Gode28099s precious presence that, when some planets (or even systems) have plunged far into spiritual darkness, they are in a certain sense quarantined, or partially isolated from intercourse with the larger units of creation. And all this, as it operates on Urantia, is a spiritually defensive reaction of the majority of the worlds to save themselves, as far as possible, from suffering the isolating consequences of the alienating acts of a headstrong, wicked, and rebellious minority.e2809dThe 36 fallen worlds in our System are e28098partiallye28099 isolated from each other and from the other 600 system worlds, because the local system circuits were partially closed to them in order that these spiritual circuits of reflectivity may flow in full on behalf of the loyal majority, who thereby continue to enjoy the spiritual and practical benefit of the Almighty Supremee28099s evolving presence which is their just due.In the same manner Jerusem itself was isolated from the other 99 systems of Norlatiadek (the local constellation circuits) so that the far greater part might not in turn be cut off from the joy of the 99 other constellations of Nebadon.No effect, of course, on the link which each individual retains with the throne ofParadise (via the TA) or with the throne of Salvington (via the Spirit of Truth).
Taiwo, Taiwo

schrieb am 05.10.14
Ba vor du Hayastanic gnumes u haimdpunes entexi hayerin, voronq iroq 92 tvic chen exel Hayastanum u minchev hima entex taburetkai kargavichakov en. U qez asumen: haziv ekel haseles, mna eli Duel asumes: che, es Yerevanumem uzum arprem, isk stex gal gnaly mishtel ka u klini . Kyanqum chem morana et hayacknery, ham zarmanq ka, ham taxic
Mabongi, Mabongi

schrieb am 30.09.12
Oh man, wie mich die Sarah auch nervt. Ich danke den Schreiber ffcr diese erfrischende News fcber das Nervkindb2 Sie soll doch eanifch nur dort verschwinden, und das auch so schnell, wie sie gekommen ist, wo sie her kommt ins NICHTS
eazjcm, eazjcm

schrieb am 30.09.12
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schrieb am 30.09.12
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schrieb am 28.09.12
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schrieb am 28.09.12
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